Bladder Stone Surgery in Delhi

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    Dr Niren Rao

    Bladder stones are also known as vesical calculus, which occurs when the bladder does not vacate completely after urination. The remaining urine gets concentrated and turns into stones. This medical condition is common in males due to the enlargement of prostate glands. The symptoms of bladder stones include a change in the urine color, pain while urinating, pain in the lower abdomen, and urge to urinate. To get rid of bladder stones, one must consult Dr. Niren Rao for detailed information on bladder stone treatment at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice in Delhi. At times, some bladder stone occurs without any symptoms but can result in chronic bladder dysfunction. It is important to take immediate action and consult a urologist at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice, regarding bladder stone surgery in Delhi to avoid any major complication in the future. For more information, visit today!

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